Starting from a hobby then established as a Flying Club, the idea of establishing Indonesia Flying Club is initiated on April 13, 2004 by the initiators aerosports especially the initiators of aerosport and general aviation by using experimental aircraft, the initiators are 'Phillip' Halim Soelistio, Nurrachman Pudjo Basuki, Firman Darmawan, Chepy R. Nasution, Capt. Faisal Adrian Zein.

The desire which owned by the initiators finally united in the form of Flying Club which began with activities to fly cross-country with experimental aircraft surrounds Malaysia and also held the aerospace events in the form Fly-In events such as Buleleng Fly-In (2001 - 2006), Pekanbaru Air Show (2004) and several other air sport event.

The initiators hobby in aerosport is the main reason to establish the Indonesia Flying Club which accommodate the initiators and aerosport enthusiasts in one place to support their activities in aerosport.

Being "Center of Reaching the Sky" is the founder of Indonesia Flying Club main motto that intended to all aerosport enthusiasts that "It's not just a dream anymore for all people to fly high and reach the sky".


Sigit H. Samsu

Club President

Cheppy Nasution

Club Captain

Untung Medianto

Vice President 1



Stefanie HT


Fitriana Fatma

Public Relations


Yanwar Prasetio

Team OPS

Wisnu Murti

Team OPS

Nanda Rizky

Team OPS

Dega Noor Aji

Team OPS

Aldo Pramatha

Team OPS

Desvian Binawan

Team OPS


Membership is open to all interested persons without limits, which agrees with the defined rules and follow all the club's rules as stated on the registration form.